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(Well, what did you expect from a church?)

We are old people and young, artists, people with disabilities, lawyers and plumbers, activists and accountants who have been captured by, and caught up in God’s Dream for the world and God’s purpose for our lives, that we see revealed in this Jesus.

Maybe we are a church for those who don’t like ‘church’. A church for those who don’t want to play religious games or be entertained  but on a good day, desire to live the love that God has shown us.


10am @ 63 Nanson St Wembley, Perth, Western Australia

Our desire as the Westcity community is to find God’s story in our stories and our stories in God’s story. Each week, we explore Holy Scripture so that it might capture our imaginations that we would be open to the Holy Spirit’s transforming work and be equipped to live God’s love. We often give a gentle opportunity for those who haven’t said yes to God’s love to do that and to explore baptism.



Resolutions from Proverbs: January 2020

Proverbs 1: 2-4

‘Here are proverbs that will help you recognize wisdom and good advice, and understand sayings with deep meaning. They can teach you how to live intelligently and how to be honest, just, and fair. They can make an inexperienced person clever and teach young people how to be resourcefuL’ (GNT)

Christmas reminds us that God has come to us, and is with us every day, no matter what. And, as we say farewell to Advent it challenges us all that we best get on with the “no matter what” bit! And for most of us, getting on with our hopes and dreams seems to come in for a ‘reset’ as the last month of an old year gives way to the new. The ‘driven’ among us relish the thought of setting new goals for a new year and by late December 31 (with the help of a few quiet drinks with family and friends), several resolutions for the new year have usually been pledged. Others feel the obligation and trot out some half-hearted aims and plans, that probably fit with Mark Twain’s satirical take on it:

“Never put off till tomorrow what may be done the day after tomorrow just as well.”

What all of us do know about the new year is that we want life to be good for ourselves and our loved ones. We also know intuitively that the good life doesn’t just spring from decisions alone but that at some point, action must be taken. That’s where things can get a bit tricky, because there is a seemingly endless supply of suggestions about what the good life is and how one might achieve it. The scriptural response to such questions is usually not to buy into a discussion on setting particular goals, but rather to set out a way of living that will position each of us in a good place to be making decisions and taking action. The Biblical logic is that if the right foundation of wisdom is laid, decisions about possible end-goals will tend towards honesty, justice and fairness. In other words, if we focus on Godly means we will journey towards Godly ends. Christians thinking about these things usually look towards Proverbs.

Eugene Peterson says, “This is ancient wisdom and we disregard it at our peril” , and in his introduction to Proverbs asserts that, “Wisdom” is the biblical term for this on-earth-as-it-is-in-heaven everyday living. Wisdom is the art of living skillfully in whatever actual conditions we find our-selves…Wisdom has to do with becoming skillful in honoring our parents and raising our children, handling our money and conducting our sexual lives, going to work and exercising leadership, using words well and treating friends kindly, eating and drinking healthily, cultivating emotions within ourselves and attitudes toward others that make for peace.

So, at this turn-of-the-year, Westcity wants to encourage making life-resolutions that are founded on the kind of wisdom that will help integrate Godly means and God-centred ends. That way our desires can align with proverbial wisdom (Proverbs 3: 5-6) and we will be in a position where we can “hear a voice behind us saying, this is the way, walk in it (Isaiah 30:21)”

This series aims to:
· Invite people into thinking deeply about the foundation Godly wisdom provides for striving towards the good life.
· Each week highlight how we can respond honestly to the challenge that the message has invited us into.
· Motivate listeners to memorise scriptures that speak into their everyday experience.
· Encourage the Westcity community that everyone following Jesus has unfettered access to wise foundations and that life decisions are always best when they spring from bedrock Biblical wisdom.



Home Churches and Connect Groups at Westcity


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Many of our groups are on a break over the January holidays but are looking forward to kicking off again in Febuary 2020. Come join us – you are most welcome.

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Are you or someone you know in need?

The Westcity Church ‘Common Purse’ is a common fund sourced from within the Westcity community, via an annual offering.

These funds are redistributed in two ways:

1. Locally – to support those within the Westcity community, and their neighbours, who are in a financial crisis. We provide urgent and temporary provision of emergency aid to reduce immediate suffering from crisis.

2. Globally – Financial and prayer support is provided to projects that Kingdom build through practical, capacity building ways. We primarily focus on long-term relationships with development organisations providing reconstruction and development for communities living in poverty or extreme need.

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Westcity Mothers Group

Our ministry for young Mums

Starts again on Monday February 10th at 9.30am

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Whether you're young or old, Christian or non-Christian, we welcome you at our church and we have a place for you to connect, be loved and in turn learn how to love God, love people, and follow Jesus.



Carry each other’s burdens and in this way you will obey the law of Christ. Gal.6.2

We all have seasons when we need people to stand with us in prayer, by sharing your prayer need, the Westcity prayer network will do just that. You can email your prayer request by clicking the button below. Or to meet with one of our prayer team email

Grace produces gratitude and gratitude gives gladly.

2 Corinthians 8:7 (NIV)



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