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(Well, what did you expect from a church?)

We are old people and young, artists, people with disabilities, lawyers and plumbers, activists and accountants who have been captured by, and caught up in God’s Dream for the world and God’s purpose for our lives, that we see revealed in Jesus.

Maybe we are a church for those who don’t like ‘church’. A church for those who don’t want to play religious games or be entertained  but on a good day, desire to live the love that God has shown us. HERE you can find out more on our vision, pilgrimage together, values, beliefs, practices and team. Also listen to our podcast The Westcity Way (episode 442, for the message given by Kelley Chisholm on Feb 4, 2024). This is a great summary on who we are as a church and what we are about – The Way of Grace.

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Westcity is a faith-based community committed to looking like, and loving like, Christ. Part of this commitment means giving beyond ourselves. Beyond our community. We want to serve and support others in practical ways knowing they may never attend our church nor hear our message.

Every year we take up an offering to distribute to local needs within our borders, as well as to global partners, building capacity and providing sustainable solutions for people in the majority world. We believe something powerful happens when we give and bless others collectively. We would love you to join with us.

You can make your tax deductible donation HERE or via this QR code. You can also read more on our Common Purse; stories, partner reports, photos and videos.


As a church we want to live out the ‘welcome’ and ‘go’ of Christ. We love gathering on a Sunday but we see our discipleship journey together as something so much more. It’s also the spaces in between each Sunday where we get to live out our faith in Jesus with each other.

You are so welcome to check out our 2024 Community Calander HERE and join us. For all the details of the weekly happenings, we encourage you to sign up (at the bottom of this page) to receive our church email updates. Visit our  CONNECT page, for more information.


For those who are new to Westcity church, or those who have recently joined our community and would like to learn more about Westcity. Meet some of the team. Share how Westcity functions, what we value, what we’re up to, the next steps of connection, if and when your ready.

The next dinner on Sept 15. Free registrations HERE for the Sept dinner.

Grace produces gratitude and gratitude gives gladly.

2 Corinthians 8:7 (NIV)


We are thankful to be a healthy community, where we all contribute to enable the vision, mission and operation of our church and community. We are very grateful to everyone who gives regularly, a pre-set weekly/monthly amount. Together we joyfully give an amount we are comfortable with.  We acknowledge that some will be able to give more and some less than others, and that’s OK.

We would also love to carry you for a season if that’s what you need, or if you are new to our church community. There is no pressure to give, if you are not in a position to do so. We love our church community and that we are able to pilgrim together, as we Love God, Love People and Follow Jesus.

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10am @ 63 Nanson St Wembley, Perth, Western Australia

Our desire as the Westcity community is to find God’s story in our stories and our stories in God’s story. Each week, we explore scripture so that it might capture our imaginations that we would be open to the Holy Spirit’s transforming work and be equipped to live God’s love.

Everyone is welcome and if you are unable to join us in person, you can listen to any of our Sunday sermons, via PODCAST on any of these platforms Apple Podcasts, Spotify Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music Podcasts.



Money, get back,
I’m alright, Jack, keep your hands off of my stack.
Pink Floyd

Some readers might be hearing the coins from the introduction to Pink Floyd’s very famous song, Money! And as followers of Jesus, we also probably react by shying away from Pink Floyd’s caricature.

We are gently dismissive and maybe slightly pious as we hear a take on money that we know is not as it should be.
And yet…
Money makes us a bit crazy, doesn’t it? Not just money either. We have a tendency to hold very tightly to what we have and to be rather selective about what we share, and who we share with. That is pretty normal and very human. We live in a world that can seem frightening at times and we have an understandable instinct to protect. We tell ourselves that we shouldn’t be reckless with our money or our time or our talents, and of course there is some truth in that.

But the Bible doesn’t let us rest comfortably there. The Spirit challenges us to go beyond our carefully protected places and plans to live generously. There are so many examples like the verse below.

He throws caution to the winds,
giving to the needy in reckless abandon.
His right-living, right-giving way never runs out, never wear out.
2 Cor 9:9 The Message

The love of God is reckless and resists the impulse to be over-cautious. Another example is

Psalm 112 which describes “A generosity that goes on, and on, and on” (The Message).

During June, Westcity wants to take a look at several different ways generosity could be expressed in our every day. Still being human, still being sensible and thoughtful but also a challenge to live more and more generously. Someone once said about ‘living generously’, “it’s like going from me to we”. That probably quite neatly captures what June will be like at Westcity.

Key Scriptures 

We encourage you to read and meditate on these scriptures during June, and make connections between the Jesus life and everyday possibilities for us to show extravagant generosity to others, in our lives.

2 Corinthians 9:6-18    &    Philippians 2:1-8

Series Goals

This series aims to:
  • Show the breadth of generosity encouraged by scripture.
  • Build on each week by adding a “brick” to build a “generous house”.
  • Showcase testimonies of generosity.
  • Make connections between the Jesus life and everyday possibilities.
We look forward to studying the scriptures with you.


10am Children’s Program at Nanson Street 

Godly Play is a great opportunity for children of all ages to listen, wonder and respond. We listen to the story, stop and wonder about the questions, then respond by doing our own work or play – each child can do their work differently.


10am Youth Program at Nanson Street

Sunday Youth (for high school age) happens during our weekend church service. It focuses on a facilitated discussion with a member of the teaching team or a specially selected church community member, around our church theology and how it relates to youth and culture. And we have fun!





Whether you're young or old, Christian or non-Christian, we welcome you at our church and we have a place for you to connect, be loved and in turn love God, love people, and follow Jesus.



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