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(Well, what did you expect from a church?)

We are old people and young, artists, people with disabilities, lawyers and plumbers, activists and accountants who have been captured by, and caught up in God’s Dream for the world and God’s purpose for our lives, that we see revealed in Jesus.

Maybe we are a church for those who don’t like ‘church’. A church for those who don’t want to play religious games or be entertained  but on a good day, desire to live the love that God has shown us. HERE you can find out more on our vision, pilgrimage together, values, beliefs, practices and team. Also listen to our podcast The Westcity Way (episode 442, for the message given by Kelley Chisholm on Feb 4, 2024). This is a great summary on who we are as a church and what we are about – The Way of Grace.

HIRE - Weddings & Events


Our newest Pop-Up Group is here… board games, after church.
This Group will run for 4 consecutive weeks, stating April 7.
From 12 noon -2pm, in the Main Church Hall, after the service.
Come fed or BYO lunch. Rego via the sign-up sheet in the café hall or email Liz, Ainsley & Robyn (facilitators) will set up a What’s app group, to communicate details each week.


As a church we want to live out the ‘welcome’ and ‘go’ of Christ. We love gathering on a Sunday but we see our discipleship journey together as something so much more. It’s also the spaces in between each Sunday where we get to live out our faith in Jesus with each other.

You are so welcome to check out our 2024 Community Calander HERE and join us. For all the details of the weekly happenings, we encourage you to sign up (at the bottom of this page) to receive our church email updates. Visit our  CONNECT page, for more information.


For those who are new to Westcity church, or those who have recently joined our community and would like to learn more about Westcity. Meet some of the team. Share how Westcity functions, what we value, what we’re up to, the next steps of connection, if and when your ready.

The next dinner is May 5.  More information on the May dinner and registrations are HERE.

Then there is a dinner on Sept 15. Regos HERE for the Sept dinner.

Grace produces gratitude and gratitude gives gladly.

2 Corinthians 8:7 (NIV)


We are thankful to be a healthy community, where we all contribute to enable the vision, mission and operation of our church and community. We are very grateful to everyone who gives regularly, a pre-set weekly/monthly amount. Together we joyfully give an amount we are comfortable with.  We acknowledge that some will be able to give more and some less than others, and that’s OK.

We would also love to carry you for a season if that’s what you need, or if you are new to our church community. There is no pressure to give, if you are not in a position to do so. We love our church community and that we are able to pilgrim together, as we Love God, Love People and Follow Jesus.

You can set up a regular direct bank transfer to ‘Westcity Church’ BSB: 306 050  Account No. : 059 2834.

Or give via this link by logging in and selecting Westcity Church.



10am @ 63 Nanson St Wembley, Perth, Western Australia

Our desire as the Westcity community is to find God’s story in our stories and our stories in God’s story. Each week, we explore scripture so that it might capture our imaginations that we would be open to the Holy Spirit’s transforming work and be equipped to live God’s love.

Everyone is welcome and if you are unable to join us in person, you can listen to any of our Sunday sermons, via PODCAST on any of these platforms Apple Podcasts, Spotify Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music Podcasts.



"How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity! It is like precious oil poured on the head, running down on the beard, running down on Aaron's beard, down upon the collar of his robes. It is as if the dew of Hermon were falling on Mount Zion."
Psalm 133:1

Too much has been written about the Sermon. I’m sure Jesus is still wondering how we have comprehensively turned it inside out to find the truth in the words, while he was wanting to turn lives upside down. To use the metaphor in Psalm 133, Jesus was pouring precious oil and life-giving dew from the Spirit into the lives of all who would listen. It is avowedly non-transactional.

The words of the sermon are to be poured on to the head of the listener and the listener is to look up and let the oil soak through to the very marrow of life.

It is personal and spiritual and drenching.

Meditate on the Mount

We focus on the Sermon at this time every year. This year we pray for Westcity to let personal stories emerge from meditation, to create spaces of spiritual experience and change.

We encourage you to read Matthew chapters 5-7 quietly and deeply. Notice the verses that stand out to you. Read those verses out loud several times, slowly. Thank the Spirit for focusing your attention.

Choose the verses that resonates deeply. Let that become a “mini theme” for you within the Sermon on Mount.  A life message for you. The one closest to your heart. Think about your story emerging from the Sermon and share it with a friend.

Resources for Reflection

Here is a couple of books you might like to read as an extra resource, during our current sermon series Messages from the Mount.

Philip Sheldrake’s Spirituality: A Very Short Introduction

A terrific backdrop for a series that is focusing on diverse spiritual content. It explores the historical foundations of spirituality and considers how it came to have the significance it is developing today.

Cloud & Townsend’s How People Grow

Examines what it takes to experience increasing strength and depth in our spiritual walk, our marriages and family lives and friendships, our personal development–in everything life is about? It helps you understand the Bible in a way that will help you head with confidence down the high road of growth in Christ.


10am Children’s Program at Nanson Street 

Godly Play is a great opportunity for children of all ages to listen, wonder and respond. We listen to the story, stop and wonder about the questions, then respond by doing our own work or play – each child can do their work differently.


10am Youth Program at Nanson Street

Sunday Youth (for high school age) happens during our weekend church service. It focuses on a facilitated discussion with a member of the teaching team or a specially selected church community member, around our church theology and how it relates to youth and culture. And we have fun!





Whether you're young or old, Christian or non-Christian, we welcome you at our church and we have a place for you to connect, be loved and in turn love God, love people, and follow Jesus.



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