10am @ 63 Nanson St Wembley, Perth 

We come together on a Sunday to connect with each other and God.
We come together to rehearse the words of Jesus so we can live like Him.
We come together to encounter God’s presence at His table and be filled with His Spirit, because everyone is invited!
We come together to be reminded of the ‘Go’ of Christ, to be sent to bring God flavours and God colours in to our world.

Come and join us there’s always room for one more!



Like any real community we are serious about food. And coffee. And having a cuppa. And just hanging out. After the service you are welcome to join us in doing just that. This is a great time to get to know people, to ask for prayer, to make some new friends. Because we are a community not just a service we gather during the week in homes or coffee shops to connect with each other and experience God’s love through each other as we seek to live God’s love for others during the week.


Why not? We believe what is central to our time together is not good preaching (though important), or anointed worship (which we desire) but God’s presence. We believe Christ’s life, death, burial, resurrection and ascension is the crescendo of God’s message. And Communion is the Message in a Meal. God promises to be present in a special way at The Table; where broken people like us are invited to share in Christ’s broken body, celebrate God’s grace and anticipate that Day when God’s love will be all in all. God welcomes everyone to the table, so do we.


We get together and share a meal. We like to invite other Christian communities to join us. During our community lunches we share together and celebrate God’s grace. We remember Jesus, His life and way, as well as welcome the Holy Spirit. And finally we invite those to the table, who like us, have at one time or another felt on the outside, felt too broken and sinful to come and yet like us, Jesus invites them to come and be healed and made whole also.


At Westcity, we do take up an offering each week but we do it in a quiet way during one of the songs. We agree that the Bible teaches us to give to the poor, to share with each other for all we need as a church community and to support those whose work is teaching and training within the church. So the people at Westcity give either through placing money in the bag each week or through the giving boxes situated at the back of the halls or via online transfers. We present a budget each year outlining where the finances are going to be spent.

We also take up an annual Common Purse offering. This is a Westcity community fund to be redistributed to those in need, locally or globally.


Yes! – Kids matter to God so they matter to us. Creche (1-3 years), Children (3 years to Grade 4) and Lighthouse (Grades 5 -7).

To achieve our mission, we run a weekly Godly Play program for all children aged 1 to 12 years.  Every class is structured with time to hear a Bible Story, reflect and play.
Please sign your kids in and sign them out at the end. Visitors are always welcome and often come back to hear more and join in the fun activities. 
*Teens meet every fortnight on a Sunday for a discussion and look at scripture and on alternate weeks, they meet for Youth on a Friday evening.


Helping our children

to love God,

love others

and follow Jesus

If you aren’t riding a bike or skateboard, there is a car park on the north side of the church building. There is street parking, but please, we are trying to “love our neighbours” so be thoughtful of them. Ideally, we try and park only on the west side of Nanson Street.