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You are so welcome to check out our 2024 Church Community Calander HERE and join us for any of our weekly happenings. Below are some more details on our upcoming events and regular groups.

Welcome to Westcity Dinners

For those who are new to Westcity church, or those who have recently joined our community and would like to learn more about Westcity. Meet some of the team. Share how Westcity functions, what we value, what we’re up to, the next steps of connection, if and when your ready.

The next dinner is May 5.  More information on the May dinner and registrations are HERE.

Then there is a dinner on Sept 15. Regos HERE for the Sept dinner.

Board Lords 

Our newest Pop-Up Group is here… board games, after church.
Starts Sunday April 7.
From 12 noon -2pm, in the Main Church Hall, after the service.
Code Names, Ticket to Ride , Catan, Telestration and more.
This Group will run for 4 consecutive weeks .
Come fed or BYO lunch.

Rego via the sign-up sheet in the café hall or email Liz, Ainsley & Robyn (facilitators) will set up a What’s app group, to communicate details each week.

There be Dragons 

Becoming the leader that others can follow. How do we be non-anxious leaders of others, our teams, families and of ourselves, in times of uncertainty and chaos?

April 23, May 7, May 21 & June 4.  Tuesday evenings, fortnightly, from 7.15pm – 9pm, in the Westcity Café Hall.

Rego via the sign-up sheet in the café hall or email Karen will set up a What’s app group, to communicate details each week. There will be a minimal cost to cover resources (details coming soon).


Community life groups, you can join or start:

Home Church – coming together weekly or fortnightly to open up the scriptures, pray together, share a meal, hear each other’s stories and support and care for one another on the journey.

Connect Groups – gathering together weekly, fortnightly or monthly over a common interest. The sky’s the limit; whether that’s walking, prayer, pottery, gardening, playing a sport, painting or advocating for a social justice cause, it’s up to you.

Pop Up Groups – Short term groups of 4-8 weeks where we gather, learn and grow together. Whether that’s a book study, couples dinner or discussion group around a specific topic or cause.

Scroll down for a list of our current Home Church locations.


As a church we want to live out the 'welcome' and 'go' of Christ. We love gathering on a Sunday but we see our discipleship journey together as something so much more. It’s also the spaces in between each Sunday where we get to live out our faith in Jesus with one another.
Some people meet one on one at coffee shops, others meet in a group at their homes. Home churches are centred around Jesus' teachings and presence, undergirded by friendship with one another and service to each other. We see this as being a part of living out our vision of loving God, Loving people and following Jesus.

To find out more about our Home Churches, or to join (or lead) a Home Church, contact Phil Stevenson (Lead Pastor)

WEMBLEY - Multigenerational

  • Chin, Nellie & Karen
  • Thursdays 8pm, fortnightly

SWANBOURNE - Multigenerational

  • Rob & Loris
  • Thursdays 7pm, during school term
  • Around a meal table, with Bible discovery and prayer for one another as well as good fun

WESTMINSTER, MARANGAROO, YOKINE, BALGA - Rotating northern suburbs

  • Sally & Theo
  • Tuesday nights, with a meal
  • 7pm-9pm
  • Semi structured with Bible reading, community building and generally pooling our collective ignorance
  • All ages welcome, including teens

KINGSLEY - Multigenerational

  • Peter, Kerry, Steve and Gillian
  • Wednesdays Fortnightly
  • 7pm-8.30pm

MT LAWLEY - Multigenerational

  • Jaxon
  • Tuesdays, fortnightly, 7pm 

Compassionate and Effective Communication 

Encouraging self-connection, in order to enhance effective and empathetic communication with others (and ourselves).

Nonviolent Communication is an approach to life that encourages self-connection, in order to enhance communication, meet more of our needs, and create social change.

May 5, May 19, June 2, June 16. Sundays after church, fortnightly, from 1pm – 2.30pm, in the Westcity Café Hall. Come fed or bring your own lunch.

Rego via the sign-up sheet in the café hall or email Bec will be facilitating and will set up a What’s app group, to communicate details each week. There will be a minimal cost to cover resources (cost details coming soon).

Love in Action – Group

Facilitating opportunities to act out the ‘Go of Christ’. We have a list of volunteer opportunities that people could participate in.  We also look to serve together after church when an opportunity arises.

Chat to Bronwyn for more details or email


A space for all people aged 18 – 39. We meet up, eat and experience who God is together. For those full of faith or no faith and all, everyone is welcome.

There is an open invite to join us for lunch, most Sundays, straight after the service, at Empire Village in City Beach. After the service we meet in the cafe hall over coffee, and gather whoever would like to go for lunch together.

We also have a Facebook group called ‘Westcity Church – 2030s’. We regularly post invites to do things together there. Like if there is a band playing or good place to meet for pizza. All young adults are encouraged  to post invites, ideas and suggestions on there.


Cultivating a Better World

Our mission is to provide a place of spiritual nourishment and reflection, where people can connect with nature and find awe and gratitude in God’s creation.

Chat to Stu or Ash for more info, or come join them in the garden most Sundays.


Our High School aged ministry. We connect, have lots of fun, make friends and grow in relationship with God and each other.

Sunday Youth @ Westcity – Every Sunday, during school term, 10am.  Our youth join us in the chapel and then after worship, we head out for some discussion with a member of the youth team or teaching team around how our church sermon series relates and connects to the young people in our community. Sometimes we will also include some lunch hangs or other special activities. For a copy of the  Youth Calendar email


Men’s Coffee – Wednesdays 10am.
Men’s Camping Trips coming again in 2024.
Dads and Kids Camping Trip coming again in May 2024.


Men’s Coffee: Wednesdays 10am, at ‘Citizens of Brew-Ha’, 162 Rokeby Rd, Subiaco. During school term. Facilitated by Rob Price. It’s informal but intentional … men sharing life together!


At Westcity we want to create space for women to take time out, to be supported in the myriad of tasks that face women each day. So we connect, discuss and encourage one another. To invite Jesus to be at the centre of it all – the centre of our small decisions and our big moments, of our careers and families, of our mess and our order.
Women at the Well, Women’s Lunches, High Teas. Seniors Morning Tea every Wednesday morning. Email for more info.
Ministry for Mums, Dads and Young Families: To offer support, care and love during this intensive life stage of raising little ones.
We aim to provide support and kindness, by providing a care basket and the offer of some cooked meals, when a new baby arrives, or at other times as needed. For more information, or to find out how you could help with supporting young families in our neighborhood and community, email

Volunteer with Us 

Vocation originally means “calling”.
Duty without heart is just a transaction. Duty from the heart fulfils our calling. And we are all called to serve.
“Whoever brings blessing will be enriched and one who waters will himself be watered.” Proverbs 11:25

When I read this verse, what strikes me is that without heart who ever brings blessing won’t be enriched, without heart one who waters wont himself be watered. It’s just an action. To genuinely serve with all you heart is when we will be enriched, and we will be watered.

Our Volunteer Coordinator is there to support the healthy functioning of the volunteers within Westcity. I believe we are a Church that functions with heart. If you have a desire and feel called to serve, but you don’t know where or how, or maybe you don’t know what gifts you may be able to use please come and speak to me. I would love to help you try and find your place to serve.

For more information on volunteering with us please contact Nina Bergmann, Volunteer Coordinator, via


Our Westcity Community Face Book page is a private group and is distinct from our Westcity public page. Each of our pages has its own distinct purpose: community building versus information sharing (although there is always some overlap). The community group allows us to check in with one another, ask for help and provide encouragement. This is just one of the ways we stay connected and build networks, outside of meeting at Nanson Street.

Please note that people ‘ask’ to join a group and then agree to a code of conduct that keeps a community safe and cohesive. This will automatically be forwarded to you when applying to the page.
Go to or the Facebook app – search for the ‘Westcity Church Community’ page.



The Westcity Stories Podcast is here…it’s a beautiful opportunity to hear the stories of people in our local church community. We talk about people’s early life, faith, fulfilment & passions, perceived injustices and we ask for an everyday life tip to live life well.

Chin: A humble and thoughtful guy, and a much loved part of the Westcity community. He kindly shares his story of how Jesus has become more central to his faith and his passion for every person feeling they are seen. Jen: Listen to how Jen loves well and brings beauty into the world. Peter shares his experiences of facing death and how he is humbly looking forward to God’s recognition at the end of his earthly life. Mark tells about the life lessons he learnt in the jungle. Leah talks of her controversial childhood, dreams of becoming an actress and how she’s found fulfilment in her career. Andy: What a guy (and a great head of hair). Dot our longest serving church member. The Westcity Stories Podcasts are available on our Homepage. You can also listen on any of these platforms: Apple Podcasts, Spotify Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music Podcasts.


COMMIT: For more info about baptism, please complete  the Baptism registration form.

DEDICATE: For more info about having your children dedicated, please email