SUNDAY SERVICES –  October – All Welcome

We have plenty of room and all are welcome to join us for our Nanson Street services in September. Please register below  (to assist us with meeting Covid regulations).

Register for Sunday October 4th

Register for Sunday October 11th

Please arrive at 9.50am . The service starts with worship at 9.55am, as we will be filming the service for those watching online.

Children’s Ministry Program is on 

On arrival, please sign your children in (and you will also need to sign them out at the end of the service).  For babies to 2 year olds, the crèche room will be running with volunteers.

Livestream Online, 10.15am Sundays

We will continue to show our Livestream online service for those watching from home.



Westcity Pneuma Retreat, October 30 & 31 – Registrations now open 

Making space to encounter the Spirit

Registration and more details here.

Pneuma spirit, wind
John 8:3 (EXP)
The wind, the spirit, blows where it wants to and you hear the sound of it but you don’t know where the wind comes from or where it is going. It is the same with every person who is born of the Spirit. We cannot comprehend or control the Spirit, but we experience his effect.

Luke 24:49 REB
‘I am sending on you the gift promised by my Father; wait here in this city until you are armed with power from above.’

As we look to be church in the different world emerging from Covid-19, we want to be journeying together in the Spirit’s enabling presence and power. As the first Christians walked into their “different world”, they didn’t do it in their own strength. In fact, Jesus told them to wait until the Spirit filled them with the strength and power they would need for their various tasks. And we best follow their lead!

The Bible says a lot about that kind of waiting expectantly for God so we want to set aside a time and a space to be filled again by His Spirit. We think that He will meet us in that space in surprising and wonderful ways, and that we will feel more deeply connected to Him, our faith and wider communities when He does.


Join Us in Studying Revelation

Lamb Power – The Victory of Jesus in the Book of Revelation

A series of lectures by Peter Llewellyn in an interactive format.
Starts September 17th and runs for 9 weeks, weekly on Thursday nights or Wednesday mornings, at St Nicholas’ Church 47 Berkeley Crescent, Floreat.

Lamb Power Information

Please email Peter to express interest and arrange payment –


Morning Prayer: Join us on zoom, every morning from 7am – 7:30am (Monday – Friday). Each of us read the scriptures to ourselves, think about what we have read, have a few minutes of stilling ourselves before God, and maybe a few minutes blessing and praying for one another before we enter the day.

Home Church: Centered around Jesus’ teachings and presence, undergirded by friendship with one another and service to each other.
Contact Richard Kerridge, Home Church Coordinator on 0411 454 114

Connect Groups: Meeting online and in person: Women, Men, Young Mums, Young Adults (20-39 Year Olds). Email to join. Details on our ‘Westcity Church’ Facebook page.

Youth: Our high school aged ministry. Stay up to date, receive encouragement and resources. Contact us for more information

Mothers Group – Alternate Mondays, at the church 9.30am – 11.30am, during school term. Contact us for more information

Men’s Coffee Morning – Thursdays 10am at Dome Café, Rokeby Road, Subiaco. No agenda other than intentionally open relationships. It is open to any men including those unconnected with Westcity.  Contact us for more information

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Join us on Facebook: Go to or the Facebook app – search for the ‘Westcity Church’ page. Active church members can also join our ‘Westcity Church Community’ group.



Livestream Sunday service – Join with our church community at 10.15am each Sunday with live comments or watch whenever you want during the week.
• Go to our Home page – Scroll down to find the Livestream video section and press play.
• On or the Youtube app on your phone – search for ‘Westcity Church’ and press play on the Livestream video.
• On or the Facebook app – search for the ‘Westcity Church’ page and press play on the Livestream video.

Home Study Notes – think more deeply about the latest Sunday sermon. Notes available each week on our Homepage.

Take Out – A 3 min video describing the big idea of the Sunday message and a practical application. Our newest weekly resource aimed at giving you additional ways of go deeper in your spiritual thinking and daily walk with God. Posted on our ‘Westcity Church Community’ Facebook group, each week.

Pastoral Note
To watch the latest ‘Pastoral Note’ video go to or the Facebook app – search for the ‘Westcity Church’ page.
For a written copy of the notes visit our Home page

Current Sermon Series: Overview and aims
Visit our Home page

Podcasts of all Sunday services. We currently have this resource on-hold but you can listen to each service via the weekly Livestream recordings.

Children’s Church Online Recording – Each Sunday, Godly Play will be posted to our ‘Westcity Church’ Facebook page and ‘Westcity Community’ Facebook group. Please share your thoughts and work in the ‘Westcity Community’ Facebook group if you wish.


Community Care Team During and post Covid-19.
Please get in touch if you or someone you know needs help, via our online contact form Contact Westcitychurch

Westcity Work Support Group – We want to encourage and care for those who are out of work due to Covid-19. We are developing online connection points to provide support for Westcity community members struggling to find or keep work due to the current pandemic. For more information please email  Chin Ting

Common purse – local. A support for those within the Westcity community, and their neighbours, who are in a financial crisis. We provide urgent and temporary provision of emergency aid to reduce immediate suffering from crisis. Common Purse – more information

Common purse – global. Financial and prayer support is provided to global projects that Kingdom build. Common purse – more information

Applications are now open for funding for Common Purse Global Projects. Our Westcity Common Purse committee are currently asking for funding submissions for global projects for 2021/2022 (applications close on 15 January 2021). We are looking to partner with people who have a direct relationship with Westcity and are working on small, grassroots type projects that our church community can support.

To have an initial discussion regarding the suitability of your organisation/project with the conditions of our fund please chat with our committee chairperson, Kirrily Kilbane or contact

Selection criteria for funding for global projects and more information can be found on our Giving page.

Click here to go to our fundraising page for the Westcity Common Purse 2020 Campaign and make an online tax deductable donation. On this page you can also find out more about the local and global projects we are supporting.
Our Giving page outlines the finer details of how our Common Purse operates.


Give – To support the work of Westcity church financially, you can make an  Online transfer

Volunteer with us. If you have a desire and feel called to serve, but you don’t know where or how, or maybe you don’t know what gifts you may be able to use please contact Fran de Carolis, Volunteers Chaplain.

Join Media Team:

Being in lockdown has shown us the ability of utilising the digital realm to still continue to “go out” and “be the church” in the world. Our Westcity community is truly such a beautiful gathering of people and we are excited to continue to do more in this global online space. Here are some of the roles we are looking to fill

LIVE CHURCH (In-person gatherings)
– Sound Desk, Visuals Desk

LIVESTREAM SUNDAYS (Church livestreamed over social platforms)
– Filming, Audio Mastering, Editing, Livestreaming, Social Stream Moderation

– Photography, Filming, Editing, Audio Mastering, Graphic Design

If you would like to be involved in this group, send an email to Josh Fernandes at or call on 0479 167 015.

Join Children’s Ministry Team:

If you would like to join our Children’s Ministry team we would love to chat with you. Please send an email to Hazel Grove at


Read our latest general public news Update

Welcome Party Home Date

You can’t say we haven’t given this our best shot! We have been prepared to host a community lunch and celebration – and we have stayed flexible! Yet despite our best intentions, the date for opening up of phase 5 keeps changing. Knowing that, we have decided to wait on announcing the next Welcome Home date until the Government gives the final all clear.
Please be on the lookout for this announcement over the coming weeks.

Westcity Board Treasurer – Position Vacant

The Westcity Treasurer is responsible for managing the finances of Westcity Church. This includes oversight and responsibility for all financial records, systems and processes, budget and reporting to the Westcity Board.

We are looking within our community to find someone able to take on this role. If this is your area of expertise, please contact Phil (Lead Pastor), Kelley (Executive Pastor) or Rob Price (Board Chairman) to discuss the position and get hold of the role description.


For more info about baptism, please complete the Baptism registration form


Committing our children to the Lord.
For more info about having your children dedicated, please email

Whether you're young or old, Christian or non-Christian, we welcome you at our church and we have a place for you to connect, be loved and in turn learn how to love God, love people, and follow Jesus.
Check out our calendar below for options on how you might like to connect within our church community.
Got questions, want to connect or join a group?

Make contact by emailing or visit our 'Westcity Church' FaceBook page.

September 2020

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
  • Homechurch - Young A…
  • Mid-Week Prayer - Ho…
  • Men's Coffee (T…
  • 7.15pm Home Church -…
  • Sunday Service (10am…
  • Homechurch Dianella …
  • Mothers Group (9.30-…
  • Home Church - Stirli…
  • Homechurch - Young A…
  • Mid-Week Prayer - Ho…
  • Homechurch - Kingsle…
  • Men's Coffee (T…
  • Sunday Service (10am…
  • Event
  • 20s-30s BBQ
  • Homechurch Dianella …
  • Home Church - Stirli…
  • Homechurch - Young A…
  • Mid-Week Prayer - Ho…
  • Men's Coffee (T…
  • 7.15pm Home Church -…
  • Sunday Service (10am…
  • Homechurch Dianella …
  • Mothers Group (9.30-…
  • Home Church - Stirli…
  • Homechurch - Young A…
  • Mid-Week Prayer - Ho…
  • Homechurch - Kingsle…
  • Men's Coffee (T…
  • Sunday Service (10am…
  • Homechurch Dianella …
  • Home Church - Stirli…
  • Homechurch - Young A…
  • Mid-Week Prayer - Ho…


As a church we want to live out the 'welcome' and 'go' of Christ. So we meet together beyond our Sunday gathering to do that. Some people meet one on one at coffee shops, others meet in their homes. Home churches are centred around Jesus' teachings and presence, undergirded by friendship with one another and service to each other.

To find out more about our Home Churches or to join a group please contact Richard Kerridge our Home Church Coordinator on 0411 454 114 or email


  • Gillian
  • Wednesdays 9.30am


  • Pete and Merci
  • Tuesdays 7.30pm


  • Heidi, Joey, Rob & Janice
  • Thursdays Fortnightly 7.15pm


  • Peter and Lou
  • Mondays 7:30pm


  • Peter, Kerry, Steve and Gillian
  • Wednesdays Fortnightly
  • 7pm-8.30pm


  • Josh and MJ
  • Mondays 7pm


  • Phil
  • Sundays 7pm


Let’s face it, every guy needs someone they can be real with.
At Westcity we are no different, so we connect at different times during the week, and talk about how we can follow Jesus in the midst of our stuff ups and our successes.

For more information on our current Men’s Groups and ways to connect please email


At Westcity we want to create space for women to take time out, to be supported in the myriad of tasks that face women each day. So we connect, discuss and encourage one another. To invite Jesus to be at the centre of it all – the centre of our small decisions and our big moments, of our careers and families, of our mess and our order.
For more information on our current Women’s Groups and ways to connect please email

Westcity’s Youth

love the Lord,

love each other and love our world.


Westcity Youth is our High School aged ministry and we are a group of young people who love the Lord, love each other and love our world. We connect, have lots of fun, make friends and grow in relationship with God and each other.
Whether you’re coming for the first time or have been at Westcity for years, we’d love for you to join us and become a part of the revolution of sharing Jesus’ love with everyone.

Stay up to date, receive encouragement and resources. Contact  us for more information

Volunteer with Us 

Vocation originally means “calling”.

Duty without heart is just a transaction. Duty from the heart fulfils our calling. And we are all called to serve.

“Whoever brings blessing will be enriched and one who waters will himself be watered.” Proverbs 11:25

When I read this verse, what strikes me is that without heart who ever brings blessing won’t be enriched, without heart one who waters wont himself be watered. It’s just an action. To genuinely serve with all you heart is when we will be enriched, and we will be watered.

My role as Vocation Chaplain is to support the healthy functioning of the volunteers and Church within Westcity. I believe we are a Church that functions with heart. If you have a desire and feel called to serve, but you don’t know where or how, or maybe you don’t know what gifts you may be able to use please come and speak to me. I would love to help you try and find your place to serve.

For more information on volunteering with us please contact Fran de Carolis, Volunteers Chaplain.