We have plenty of room and all are welcome to join us for our Nanson Street Sunday 10am service.


Westcity Pneuma Retreat Registrations Now Open

Making space to encounter the Spirit

Pneuma spirit, wind

Date: Friday June 11 (from 6pm) to  Saturday June 12 (until 4.30pm), 2021

Where: Anapana Ridge Retreat Center, 35 GILCHRIST Road, Lesmurdie, WA

Cost: $122 Friday night and Saturday  (includes accommodation and meals)

Registration is now open: 23 places only, so register HERE now to avoid disappointment

John 8:3 (EXP)
The wind, the spirit, blows where it wants to and you hear the sound of it but you don’t know where the wind comes from or where it is going. It is the same with every person who is born of the Spirit. We cannot comprehend or control the Spirit, but we experience his effect.

The Bible says a lot about waiting expectantly for God, so we want to set aside a time and a space to be filled again by His Spirit. We think that He will meet us in that space in surprising and wonderful ways, and that we will feel more deeply connected to Him, our faith and wider communities when He does.


Mother’s Day and Hamlin Fistula Foundation – May 9
On Sunday May 9, we come together to celebrate Mother’s Day with gratitude for all our mothers and those with a mothering heart. At the same time, we think about mothers less fortunate than us. For a number of years, we have been committed supporters of the Hamlin Fistula Foundation. So, here’s a brief intro to the work of the Foundation and below is a link to their website which includes a message from its founder, Dr Catherine Hamlin, who died last year.

Ethiopia is a country where due to famine, social issues and lack of childbirth professionals, mothers either die in childbirth or are left with internal injuries making them outcasts of their community. No woman should have to suffer the pain and indignity of a fistula. With more Hamlin midwives and access to corrective surgery, they don’t have to.

The Hamlin Fistula Foundation has helped over 60,000 women with lifesaving and life-altering surgery. Each operation costs around $700 and restores women’s dignity and place in her community. Each year, Westcity’s Mother’s Day campaign aims to offer surgery to 6 women. About $4,000.

Join with us as we continue to support the legacy left by the devoted work of Catherine Hamlin and the Hamlin Fistula Foundation. This year rather than taking up an offering in person during our Sunday service, we are inviting our church community to make a donation direct via the Hamlin website on or before Mother’s Day.

Children Joining In For Church Worship

All children are now joining their families in church for the worship part of the Sunday service, and then they will be invited to go out to Kids Church (or creche), with the Kid’s Church Leaders (Kathleen, Theo or Nina and the other Kids Church team members), while the offering is being taken.

Parents will need to please sign your children in at the Kids Church desk or creche room when you first arrive at church, before you head into the chapel. You will also need to sign them out at the end of the service, at the Kids Church desk or creche room, when you pick your children up.

For babies to 2-year-olds, the crèche room will open and we will have a Creche helper rostered on to assist with the care of the children (on the weeks we have volunteers available).


The New Way: Sermon on the Mount 2021

From April 11, we begin our theme  “The New Way: Sermon on the Mount 2021″. You can visit our homepage for an outline of what we will be covering in our Sunday sermons or to listen to any of our Sunday podcasts. You can also listen on: ‎Westcity Church Podcasts on Apple Podcasts


‘Deep Calls to Deep’ – New App

Phil has invited everyone to join in on using this App, over the coming weeks. Deep Calls to Deep is a 46-day journey into the mystery of the cross that begins in Holy Week and ends on Ascension Day (but it is suitable for any time of the year).  Readings, quotes and reflections for every day make this a feast of theological reflection and fuel for prayer, especially for those who already find themselves in stormy seas. You can download it here:
‎Deep calls to Deep – Easter on the App Store (


Westcity Youth – Friday Nights 

This year we will have a Friday night program running 4 times each term and led by parent teams. This is consistent with what we have done in the past and is an open welcome for anyone from Year 7 – Year 12.

Come and join us for the next Friday Night Youth Group on May 21, 7 – 8.30pm. The remaining dates for term 2 are coming soon.

Sunday Youth 

All high school aged youth are invited to join us for some teaching and discussion at our next Sunday Youth on May 9, at 10am, with Phil.

Join us in the chapel for the normal Westcity Sunday service and then Youth will head out the back together, at the end of the worship/music.

This is a new initiative (run fortnightly, during school term). This morning will aim at a discussion with a member of the teaching team around how our church teaching relates and connects to the young people in our community. Again, it is open to all Year 7 – 12s with the focus on the older age group allowing the younger youth to be able to listen and learn from their older peers.

Upcoming Sunday Youth Dates: May 9, May 30, June 13 & June 27.



Community Life: The word ‘life’ in our community life title is an acronym for Love, Inclusion, Faith, Everyone. We love gathering on a Sunday but we see our discipleship journey together as something so much more. It’s also the spaces in between each Sunday where we get to live out our faith in Jesus with one another. Whether we are meeting for a coffee, studying the bible together in a home church, sharing meals, praying in the morning on zoom or the myriad of other gatherings that take place throughout the week, we see this as being a part of living out our vision of loving God, Loving people and following Jesus.

Morning Prayer: Join us on zoom, every morning from 7am – 7:30am (Monday – Friday). Click on ‘Join us’ in the sentence above. The zoom password is ‘prayer’.

Each of us read the scriptures to ourselves, think about what we have read, have a few minutes of stilling ourselves before God, and maybe a few minutes blessing and praying for one another before we enter the day.

Home Church: Centered around Jesus’ teachings and presence, undergirded by friendship with one another and service to each other.
To join (or lead) a Home Church, contact Phil Stevenson via our website or email

Connect Groups: Meeting online and in person: Women, Men, Young Mums, Young Adults (20-39 Year Olds). Email to join. Details on our ‘Westcity Church’ Facebook page.

Westcity 2030’s Young Adults is a new space for all singles and couples in their 20’s and 30’s but also for the young at heart in our church community. We want to create an inclusive space for one and all to come and meet, eat and experience who God is together. Full of faith or no faith and all, everyone is welcome.

You can chat to Jason, Corey or Kara to know more about what’s in store for the 2030’s (Young Adults) group in 2021. More info can be found on their ‘Westcity Church – 2030s’ Facebook page or email


Mothers Group – Re-started Monday, April 19.

Alternate Mondays, at the church 9.30am – 11.30am, during school term. Contact Nellie if you’d like more information about this ministry for young Mums, or to find out how you could help out with supporting young families in our community. Email


Men’s Coffee – It’s Back….on Wednesdays 10am

Join us – all are welcome. At ‘Brew Ha The Ritual’, 162 Rokeby Rd, Subiaco.

No agenda other than intentionally open relationships. It is open to any men including those unconnected with Westcity.


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Join us on Facebook: Go to or the Facebook app – search for the ‘Westcity Church’ page. Active church members can also join our ‘Westcity Church Community’ group.

Take Out – A 3 min video describing the big idea of the Sunday message and a practical application. Our newest weekly resource aimed at giving you additional ways of going deeper in your spiritual thinking and daily walk with God. Posted on our ‘Westcity Church Community’ Facebook group, each week.

Current Sermon Series: Overview and aims. Visit our Home page .

Sunday Podcasts. Available on our Homepage or resources page. You can also listen on: ‎Westcity Church Podcasts on Apple Podcasts


Community Care Team During and post Covid-19.
Please get in touch if you or someone you know needs help, via our online contact form Contact Westcitychurch.

Common purse – local. A support for those within the Westcity community, and their neighbours, who are in a financial crisis. We provide urgent and temporary provision of emergency aid to reduce immediate suffering from crisis. Common Purse – more information

Common purse – global. Financial and prayer support is provided to global projects that Kingdom build. Common purse – more information


Give – To support the work of Westcity church financially, you can make an  Online transfer

Volunteer with us. If you have a desire and feel called to serve, but you don’t know where or how, or maybe you don’t know what gifts you may be able to use please contact Fran de Carolis, Vocation Chaplain.

Children’s Team – volunteers needed

We are looking for people to volunteer for three roles: storyteller, doorkeeper, and helper. The different roles might suit different personality types and allow people to take on differing levels of preparation and responsibility. If we keep the teams consistent and put them on for three weeks in a row, they can build relationship with each other and with the children.

Storyteller (lead teacher) – this person will tell children a core Bible story using the Godly Play approach. They will need to prepare and rehearse the story in advance, and learn how to deliver Godly Play (training provided). This is a role for someone who is confident with kids and comfortable speaking to the whole group. As team leader, they will also need to get to know and encourage their team, meet with them before the service and pray with them, and encourage them for their contribution.

Doorkeeper (small group discussion facilitator) – the doorkeeper welcomes children across the threshold of the Godly Play room, to listen and wonder. After the story is over, this person will sit with children who would like to explore the story further, by looking it up in the Bible, and asking and answering questions. They might wish to prepare an activity or extension questions about the story to lead older children in deeper understanding – although this is optional (they can just turn up on the day and follow the children’s’ lead).

Helper – a third set of hands is really important to help set up beforehand and clean up afterwards; to support younger children with craft activities; and simply to sit with children and get to know them as they do their “work”, responding to the story. No preparation required, but it would be great if they can commit to being at the church by 9.30am reliably. This role suits those who don’t want to lead the lesson or discussions but want to help out and get to know the children.

We are also looking for volunteers to help in the creche room (with the babies to 2 year olds).

Please consider if any of these roles are a way you can serve the community and find connection. By the way, if the three week commitment concerns you, please talk to Kathleen overseeing the Children’s Teams and let’s see if we can work together on a solution. Maybe you could go on roster as a helper once per school term (eg 4 times per year)? Maybe you and a friend could go on roster together? You can contact Kathleen on or via our website.

Children’s Coordinator Position
Role: 1 day per week. Leader: Phil Stevenson.
We are looking for a new team member with expertise and passion for children’s ministry. The role oversees all programming, volunteers and ‘spaces’ for children from 2 – 11 years of age. If you are interested in applying, please email


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For more info about baptism, please complete the Baptism registration form


Committing our children to the Lord.
For more info about having your children dedicated, please email

Whether you're young or old, Christian or non-Christian, we welcome you at our church and we have a place for you to connect, be loved and in turn learn how to love God, love people, and follow Jesus.
Got questions, want to connect or join a group?

Make contact by emailing or visit our 'Westcity Church' FaceBook page.


As a church we want to live out the 'welcome' and 'go' of Christ. So we meet together beyond our Sunday gathering to do that. Some people meet one on one at coffee shops, others meet in their homes. Home churches are centred around Jesus' teachings and presence, undergirded by friendship with one another and service to each other.

To find out more about our Home Churches or to join a group please contact Phil Stevenson via the website or email


  • Gillian
  • Wednesdays 9.30am


  • Pete and Merci
  • Tuesdays 7.30pm


  • Heidi, Joey, Rob & Janice
  • Thursdays Fortnightly 7.15pm


  • Peter and Lou
  • Mondays 7:30pm


  • Peter, Kerry, Steve and Gillian
  • Wednesdays Fortnightly
  • 7pm-8.30pm


  • Josh and MJ
  • Mondays 7pm


  • Phil
  • Sundays 7pm


Let’s face it, every guy needs someone they can be real with.
At Westcity we are no different, so we connect at different times during the week, and talk about how we can follow Jesus in the midst of our stuff ups and our successes.

For more information on our current Men’s Groups and ways to connect please email


At Westcity we want to create space for women to take time out, to be supported in the myriad of tasks that face women each day. So we connect, discuss and encourage one another. To invite Jesus to be at the centre of it all – the centre of our small decisions and our big moments, of our careers and families, of our mess and our order.
For more information on our current Women’s Groups and ways to connect please email

Westcity’s Youth

love the Lord,

love each other and love our world.


Westcity Youth is our High School aged ministry and we are a group of young people who love the Lord, love each other and love our world. We connect, have lots of fun, make friends and grow in relationship with God and each other.
Whether you’re coming for the first time or have been at Westcity for years, we’d love for you to join us and become a part of the revolution of sharing Jesus’ love with everyone.

Contact  us for more information

Volunteer with Us 

Vocation originally means “calling”.

Duty without heart is just a transaction. Duty from the heart fulfils our calling. And we are all called to serve.

“Whoever brings blessing will be enriched and one who waters will himself be watered.” Proverbs 11:25

When I read this verse, what strikes me is that without heart who ever brings blessing won’t be enriched, without heart one who waters wont himself be watered. It’s just an action. To genuinely serve with all you heart is when we will be enriched, and we will be watered.

My role as Vocation Chaplain is to support the healthy functioning of the volunteers and Church within Westcity. I believe we are a Church that functions with heart. If you have a desire and feel called to serve, but you don’t know where or how, or maybe you don’t know what gifts you may be able to use please come and speak to me. I would love to help you try and find your place to serve.

For more information on volunteering with us please contact Fran de Carolis, Vocation Chaplain.